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So this is pretty amazing. 


Molson Canadian: The Beer Fridge 

Via Mashable

If you’re looking to quaff a free ice-cold Molson Canadian beer in one of these specially selected locations, you’ll need a Canadian passport to open the refrigerator.

As part of a clever online and TV ad campaign by agency Rethink Canada, fire-engine-red refrigerators full of Molson beer were strategically placed across a variety of European locations to attract crowds.

As you can watch in the heartwarming video above, as soon as a Canadian steps up and scans a passport in the refrigerator, it’s party time.

Canadians are not as patriotic as our friends south of the border, but this campaign is interesting and it has great timing. Rethink Canada totally nailed this one.

P.S. Happy Canada Day! 


First View of Big Ben | London, England (by apwong)

Another of my photos View high resolution


First View of Big Ben | London, England (by apwong)

Another of my photos

Artist Pranks Pedestrians by Photoshopping Them Into Digital Ads As They Wait For the Bus

Here we equate the performance impairment caused by fatigue with that due to alcohol intoxication, and show that moderate levels of fatigue produce higher levels of impairment than the proscribed level of alcohol intoxication.

Take it from the scientists: Not getting proper sleep is akin to walking around drunk. Learn what actually happens while you sleep and why it matters,  the essential science of your internal clock, and how dreams mediate negative emotions.

As a wise woman once wrote, “sleep is the best (and easiest) creative aphrodisiac.” 

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